1. Explain the factors which affect the salinity of Ocean water.
  2. Describe in detail about the major tribal groups in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Discuss the need for the launching of the National Mission -‘Clean Ganga’.
  4. Great plains are economically significant land forms in India - Justify.


5. Explain the characteristics and distribution of soil types in India and list out the causes of infertility of soils.

6. Give a detailed account on various satellites launched by ISRO.

7. Explain the factors which influence the distribution and density of population in India.

8. Write about the types, causes and effects of soil erosion.



9. If urgent steps are not taken, climate change will reverse decades of growth in the developing countries. How? Explain.

10. Describe the salient features of the National Forest policy of 1988.

11. How is climate change a threat to coral reefs? Explain the mechanism of coral acidification with suitable examples

12. Discuss the possible impacts of various project activities on the components of Eco system.


13. Describe the problems faced by the children due to deterioration in the environmental conditions and write notes on the “Proposed Children’s Environmental Health Program”.

14. What is water pollution? How can we control through Indian Environmental laws?

15. What are the environmental consequences of EL Nino impact in India? Discuss the salient features of the recent initiatives to accomplish India’s INDC in COP 21 to combat Climate change.

16. Explain how ‘process changes’ can be adopted in thermal power plants to reduce the problem of air pollution.



17. In India how does the National Development Council (NDC) function inorder to achieve its objectives?

18. “The South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) was established with certain objectives”. Discuss how it functioned in accordance with the objectives and elaborate its achievements?

19. Explain the role of fiscal policy in reducing “Inequality of Income” in Underdeveloped countries.

20. Analyse the weaknesses of Science and Technology Infrastructure in India.

21. Explain the factors which influence the agricultural pricing policy in India. Also explain the functioning and implementation of this policy.


22. What are the objectives of Monetary Policy? Explain the functions of the Reserve Bank of India.

23. Examine the prospects of Global Investors Meet - 2019 for the sustained economic development of Tamil Nadu

24. Critically analyse the Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

25. Explain inflationary gap and also explain how can the inflationary gap be wiped out.

26. "India is an Under-developed country" - Do you agree with this. If no, give reasons for it and describe the salient features of the Indian economy.

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